YZ 400f oil change help

I just bought a 1998 YZ400f bike runs great. Had to change oil in it so I drained the oil already in it no problem. Put oil filler plug back in. But where do you add the oil back into it? I see the hole for the dipstick at the top of the bike by the handlebars but that cant be where it goes. I looked in the online manual but the picture was dark and I could not tell where they added the oil. Any help would be great I want to ride it as soon as I find where the oil goes.

That is where it goes. You need to drain the oil from the frame AND the crankcases, too.

I know what you mean about the manuals for the 400. Download one for a 2000 YZ426 and use that. It has line drawings like the later versions, and is much clearer. Virtually all the info contained in that manual that doesn't pertain to the size of the engine is accurate for the 400, and you can always refer to the 400 manual for the specs, anyway.

Meantime, read this from the Common Threads Sticky:


ok thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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