00WR400 radiator cap change

I recently installed a muffler insert in my 400 and leaned out the jetting to get some of my power back. Now the bike over heats in real tight terrain. Stock cap is a 1.1. Can I go to a slightly higher pressure cap and if so where can I get one?



I threw away the coolant overflow bottle and the 1.1 psi cap a few years ago. I use a KX500 cap (1.6 psi I think) and haven't had ANY problems..... :)

Go to your local auto parts store with your stock cap and match it with a standard 16 lb cap off the shelf....Your overheating problem will then be resolved.... I've been racing with a 16 pounder for 3 years with great success. The higher the cap pressure the more it raises the boiling point.

Bonzai :)

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