wr engine noise after rebuild

my friend blow is motor cause the 4 gear failure, he didnt get much luck

the gear broke down while raiding and got stuck in the crankshaft while spinning, that cause the rod to disconnect from the piston after that the broken rod blow the piston cylinder and the crank case.

let say almost the all engine, and it wasn't the first time with the bed luck with that gear(also 4 or 5 gear that broke down).



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any way he bought a used crankcase from ebay and it was like new, we checked the bearing and they were good with out making any nose or free play.

after installing the engine it makes some noise from the clutch area.

so i opened the clutch small cover and we notice that it all look dry there, the pump is working (we check the banjo bolt and it's getting oil).

i search at the manual about that and all i saw is to check the banjo bolt, and if there is no oil so you need to check the oil pump oil line blockage or something like that( yhaa really this was very helpful).

so how do i really know that the oil pump is working good?

why the oil didn't rich to the clutch area(it was dry and clean like i assemble it)?

how can i check the oil hight in the engine?

i think that the bearing is not getting oil so that is where the noise from.

sorry that i was too long:banghead: didnt plan it to be that long.

There is a gear behind the clutch basket that works it's way loose. Happened on my 99 WR400 and my 03 YZ450. It rattles quite a bit when bike is running if it's loose.

Pull clutch basket and check this gear. Tighten if necessary and problem should be solved.

Good luck, John

Ok I quill check that. But I think that there is a problme with the oil in the crank case, what insure the oil hight?

we open the small Clutch cover and it looks like it not getting oil there.

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