OT: Delayed PM notifications

Has anyone else noticed that when someone sends you a PM you dont get notified by e-mail right away like you used to?

I used to get it (a e-mail) immediatly but now it takes 2 days! (no exaggeration)

Is it my IP or are others experencing the same? :)

You're not alone. I have noticed the same thing.

Also, it shouldn't take this long to make the dns changes to the domain name either...I finally bookmarked the IP address so I know where to go. :)

its happened twice to me.i dont get any notifications then i got 147 the other day and then 32 the other night! :)

I can explain the delayed messaging issue.

Ya see if someone on the east coast sends a PM to some one on the west coast.

First there is a 3 hour time differance here, second becouse 3000 miles apart there is a lot of traffic if and when the send button is hit.

3rd depending on if the CIA has carnavor runing it may take some time mainly becouse some fat guy in the mid west came on to his shift and is to busy sucking Diet Snapple and eating low fat Donuts thinking he is doing his body good.

SO that is why the delay, oh did I mention the Red Chinese Army sniffing the emails for code words like Thumper, bumper, Bomper, Boo

Try reseting the option the DB may be an issue or its a setting in the UBB code to send immediatly :) Thats my guess,

Gee Darin, I thought you were just giving some long thought to my question! :):D :D

LOL. :) No, but sometimes it dosent work like it used to.

Do you still need the pic of the octopus removed? I have it now if you want it.

You bet, Darin! You can either post it or email it to me at rathfamily@mindspring.com

Hey, what's up with the adjustable paj in your tag line? Sounds interesting. :)

Note to Moderators - Note to Moderators!

Does anyone know why we dont get notified anymore by e-mail when we get PM's?

I get the notifications but weeks after they were actually sent?

Anyone know?

Just curious... thanks! :)

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