WR400 2000 Not Starting After Carb Clean

I cleaned my carb out today all the jets etc...

Put it back on the bike and the bike is now an uteer cont to start:bonk

I have managed to start it by basically opening the throttle as wide as it goes and kicking it through.,It fired up but I had to hold my foot down on the kickstart for a little while to get it going...

when u come to restart it...its proves very hard.,,

any ideas?

You have the vacuum release plate on the slide upside down. S/B square end down

There is no vacum on the carb it's a uk spec bike

Yes, there is, it is a part on the slide.

I can't see a Vacum Release plate on the carb diagram in the workshop manual? Maybe its called somthing else..

Anyway I never took the slide out....

Try another, new pilot jet.

Hey, listen to William 1! I had a starting problem on my 02 wr426 and he said don't clean the pilot just put a new one in. If I would have done that right away I would have saved myself a couple days of troubleshooting.

Good Luck...

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