Worth it to put 06 YZ450F full exhaust system on 08 YZ450F?

I got an 08 YZ450F and the power is a little lacking. I've come across a good deal on a stock full system exhaust from an 06 YZ450F and I'm wondering if its worth the cost or to just spend like $300 more on a full system DR. D..I can pick the stock 06 system for about $100 and I'm seriously considering it but I'm wondering if it's worth it or to just get a full aftermarket exhaust for about $400-450...

Haven't we already had this discussion?

With the '08-'09, almost any slip-on will add 2-4 hp in the mid range at around 5000 rpm, but the gains will be greater still if you use an earlier header (the '06 is preferred), and better still with a full system. I've seen mid range gains as high as 7 hp.

I put an OEM '06 header on my '09 and added a Pro Circuit slip-on, shortly thereafter I squashed the ti header. I've since gone to an FMF stainless power bomb header.

For $100 you'd be pretty hard pressed to find a better power to dollar spent ratio, it may not make quite as much power as a full aftermarket system but you'd be saving $300.

Either way, you'll be a happy camper once you get that crap OEM header/shorty can off your bike !

thanks for the input crf...

My pleasure ! I had to ride my bike with the OEM full exhaust system on it for a couple weeks while I was waiting for my stainless header to show up. I do not like the stock exhaust one bit, especially after having ridden the bike since it was new with an aftermarket slip-on paired with that '06 header. I should be good now though, I've got 2 new stainless headers to run. So if I damage one of them I'll throw the other one on.

The only thing I didn't like about the '06 header was that it was titanium, I crashed on it and bent the crap out of it on my 3rd ride. So from now on it'll be stainless for me !!

Let us know what you think when you get a different pipe on that thing..

Take care. :thumbsup:

I was just weighing my options and I've decided to go with the DR.D full system. I liked the idea of a stock 06 exhaust but I would have to buy a spark arrestor for it and that would've put me at about $230 total whereas I can get the DR.D full system for about $400 with a spark arrestor included.

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