Pistons for KLR/KLX?

What are you guys doing for pistons on the KLR/KLX 600/650's? How often are you changing pistons? What compression ratio's?

i have a 96 KLX 650R-we put in it's first new piston at about 8k miles. it was a stock piston, not sure specs. i did get resleeved so next time i can bore it out and go with the 678, or whatever is available.

The most popular piston kits for the KLR 650 that I know of are from Schnits Racing developed and tested by the late Cary Aspy . The kits are for 1995 and after motors however on earlier than 1995 a newer cylinder can be used .They offer a 685 kit which uses the stock cylinder bored or with the LA cryo treated sleeve and a 705 kit which uses a new cryo treated La sleeve . Bolth kits use a JE piston the compression is close to stock and can be adjusted with choice of cometic base gaskets.

Many people are instaling them all most right away on new motors with low miles due to the 2008's oil problems .I put a 685 kit in my 2006 KLR 650 when it had less than 500 miles on it lol.The kits with the high quality JE pistons will last a long long time.I have a 705 kit just waiting for the next KLR 650 I buy probley will never need it for the 2006 .I may just buy another cylinder at some point for it and have bolth and if I ever need to go over size on the stock sleeve bored that has the 685 kit I'd probley use the La sleeve .



685cc forged piston for the 1996-2010 KLR650. Will NOT fit 1995 and earlier. This piston is manufactured exclusively for Schnitz Racing. Designed and tested by Cary Aspy (KLRCARY).

This 685 kit is the cure for oil burning KLR650's! Increase in compression, displacement, and enjoyment!


102.5mm - 685cc

Supplied with rings, pin, circlips, base gasket, base gasket spacer. You will have to order a head gasket separately.

Moly Coated Skirt

Dual Pin Oilers

DLC Coated Pin

83 grams lighter than stock

9.7 to 1 Compression

Valve relief to clear 40/36mm Valves

Std. Tension Oil Ring

705 kit

Removal of the old sleeve

Clearancing of the inner cylinder wall for proper water movement to cool the new oversized sleeve (Dremel tool or hand grinder)

Installation of new sleeve and O-rings

Surfacing and boring of the cylinder

Ring gap clearancing

You will also need to:

Clean the combustion surfaces of the head. To get maximum benefit of the increased displacement, you might consider cylinder head improvements.

705cc forged piston kit for the 1996-2010 KLR650. Will NOT fit 1995 and earlier cylinders. This piston is manufactured exclusively for Schnitz Racing. Designed and tested by Cary Aspy (KLRCARY)

All the same features of the 685cc kit, but bigger. This kit uses the same piston forging as the 685, but is 103.89mm, rather than 102.5mm. Actual displacement is 703.6cc. The piston is lightened further, so although larger, it is 4 grams lighter than the 685, and more than 80 grams lighter (average is 88grams) than stock. Like the 685, it will lower the level of vibration.

Due to the larger bore, a larger and stronger liner was required. The 705 kit liner is the strongest available for the KLR. This liner is custom made exclusively for us. It is"cyro" treated to resist wear, and resist distortion at the base. It is larger in diameter and requires cylinder clearancing.

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