Anyone running 22mm offset tripple clamps?

What did they do? Are they worth the $$$$? :) thanks



I am no expert, but awhile back I considered bidding on a set of Scott's upper and lower clamps on ebay. They changed the offset of the '98 and '99 models to be the same as what the slight (shorter/closer steering head) frame change made in '00 does: quicker steering/better cornering. At least that is how it was explained to me. How many millimeters difference I can't recall. Are these what you are asking about?

I haven't had any problems with "head Shake" or twitchy front end on mine. I have the front shocks up 5mm and the rear wheel moved forward. Grant it I don't ride 80mph ie; desert racing, but I think the adding of a stabilizer was more than enough to compensate for the geometry change. My bike is alot quicker in the tight stuff w/out giving up high speed stability. :)

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