'06 lower steering bearing replacement question

I'm getting ready to do this (for the first time) and intend to use a hydraulic shop press to: 1) press the stem out of the lower tree to get the bearing off and 2) press the new bearing onto the stem.

Has anyone here pressed the steering stem out of and back into the lower tree or seen it done?

I'm really wanting to be sure that I press it in the correct direction (pressure on the top of the stem to push it down out of the bottom of the tree, is that right?), and to use the best methods to minimize the possibility of any problems.

Any tips or suggestions would be most appreciated.:thumbsup:

no need to press the stem out just to replace the bearing. just use a drift and a hammer to tap the old bearing off the stem. once the bearing is off then clean up the lower clamp/stem and freeze it. once frozen put the new bearing on the stem and use a section of pipe over the stem, on the bearing inner race, to tap it down to the clamp. simple

A press is really a much cleaner approach to the matter:

The stem has a wire retainer ring on the bottom of it that prevents it from migrating upward in use, so it MUST be removed only by pressing it downward out of the lower clamp.

The ring is not visible when the stem is assembled, because it sits up into a stepped recess in the bottom of the clamp intended to keep it from being dislodged. You'll see this once it's apart.

Support the clamp on a piece of tubing about 1/2" larger than the stem. Protect the threads on the stem by screwing the crown nut on almost, but not quite flush, and press the stem out of both the clamp and bearing at once.

Apply some anti-seize to the stem and press it back in, again supporting the clamp with a tube.

Now, support the base of the stem on a raised block and press the bearing on using a long tube that is large enough ID to clear the stem, but small enough OD to avoid any contact with the roller cage. In a pinch, you can cut the cage off the old bearing, turn it upside down, and use that to press the new one on. It will stick on the stem, but it can be easily pushed or punched back off.

Thanks Gray. That's exactly what I was looking for.:thumbsup:

I have a way of doing it that is kinda hard to explain but it only took me about five minutes to do it when I had the clamp off and the hydrolic jack and piece of 2x6 cut.

I took a 2x6 cut it abot a foot long and took a holesaw and bored a hole in the center of the 2x6 that I cut a foot long (this hole was for the piece of pvc plastic tubing to go through).

Like I said its hard to explain (and it is a jerry rig) but it worked great and I've used it twice to do the job and both times it worked flawlessly.

I'll try and to get some pics of how i do it (the next time I grease the bottom steering bearing).

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