+1 on all of that, or if they really didnt make any performance changes maybe there will be some white 2010s out there for a good price.

or not a good price. dealers think they can sell the older bike that is JUST LIKE the newer bike at near the same price. So what you do is: act like you really are digging the '11 model, and just say you really want it, but your not a huge fan of the 10 model, and if they brought the price down, you probably could go home with the 10. Then, just see if they bite.

Only thing I dont like about the 2010/11 is the rad shrouds look like devil horns when you sit on the bike. I love more red, but the rear fender should stay white, unless they put a black front fender on it too.

Oh man!!?? That black and red is kind of ugly. I got a survey a couple weeks ago and I voted against that one..:thumbsup: I got no pulll. They are copying Honda with that different rear fender color....but black is not a good choice IMO. However, I do like the blue vesion one better than the red and black, if the red and black is SE and more $, ha! gimme the blue

Meh, those colors are too funky - I like my 2010 color scheme much better!


You wanna talk about lame? Look at the YZ125/250 for 2011. They define BNG!!!!

Alas this is true. It would be so refreshing to see someone come out with something more than BNG for the 2t's one of these days.

then just look at the 2011 KTM 2t's!!

then just look at the 2011 KTM 2t's!!

I was referring to the Japanese manu's. KTM is out there doing their own thing as always, and that's a good thing IMO!

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