2002 Wr426 help

I own a 2002 Yamaha Wr426 and it's broken, I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction of troubleshooting the problem. I have a little knowledge but not much about 4 stroke engines. I want to learn more about 4 strokes and how to work on them and I feel like this bike would be great for that "because it is already toasted!"

When she Broke - It was about 3 weeks after the second adjustment. I rode maybe 4 to 5 times after the adjustment and everything seemed fine. So after about 20 minutes of warm up riding, my friend and I started riding harder n harder(keep in mind this is in about a foot of slushy snow). As I clicked into 3rd gear I heard a clicking sound. Not loud click but a faint clicking sound and the bike cut out. I thought that my tire was just slipping through the snow and I wasn't sure about the sound so I let the bike sit for a second. Tried kicking it over a few times and there was compression. So I kicked for maybe 5 minutes and it started. I started riding down a little hill and it seemed fine until I started riding a little faster and faster and then clicks got louder and the bike cut out again. No bang, no boom, just about 4 to 6 clicks and the bike was done. So I sat for while and tried to see if the bike would even kick over. Nope, The kick start was stuck. So I took the bike home and let it cool off for a night and went out the next day and the kick starter pushed through just fine. But still no start.

This was about a year ago and now that I am finally making money and can't stand not riding anymore I want to fix it up a little bit and sell it to get a newer bike.

As of five minutes ago I just tried to kick my bike over for the first time since the day after the "CLICK" because I just received my Yamaha Service manual in the mail and have little money. It still kicks over and feels like it did before it broke with compression but still no start. So before I get to crazy and start taking apart stuff that I shouldn't does anyone know what may or may not be the problem or at least give me some tips of what to do or how to troubleshoot the problem? Does it have anything to do with getting the valves adjusted a few weeks prior? Did a part inside the motor just break? Also any tips on a first timer for working on his own bike? I want to fix the bike but if I mess something up I feel like it won't be that big of a deal because it is worth the risk to learn how to work on it and learn more about 4 strokes.

Thanks for any feed back, I'm excited to figure this out and start riding again,


start with the spark plug. pull it out and see if it's working. if a wire came loose somewhere, the clicking you heard may be the spark pulse arcing to a ground.

You have some work to do!

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