Top end pipe?

Looks like I posted this question on the WR400 board on mistake.

Anyway,can anybody recomend a pipe that will increase the top end on my 01 YZF426?? I wouldn't mind if I lost some low end...

From what i've heard the stock pipe is best.

My 00426 has a pro circiut exhaust from front to back. I never road it with the stock pipe. they say the stocker has more power on the dyno but, my pc has plenty of power for me. the only thing i do not like is that i wear lbz or smp type pants and the pipe will burn holes in them.


if you need more top end from your 426, than a two stroke is really what you need

Maybe try to changing your gearing. Step down a cupl of tooffesss "I thinks thats wright"

Try the white Bros. for allround pipe.

Very adjustable and easy to install and then if you want more top end Try stepping up to a 15 tooth on the front or

try 47 on the rear but the $11 for the front is a little cheaper than $50 for the rear.

In have actually experimented with the 15/49 and it works great for the desert and high speeds.........plenty of HP to pull it

I have gone so far as to try the 15/47 on the 99' 400 w/tapered header/white bros pipe.......Holy sh!t

not sure on the top speed but runnin' down a rolling dirt road i would launch probly bout'

50 ft but only about 1 foot off of the ground and that was pretty scary the first time!!!

I guess close to 95mph ? maybe less but felt like 195mph....../LOL


ride BLUE

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I have a awesome pipe on my 98 YZ400f, its quite beautiful, its basicly a tapered white bros header, with a ultra short white brothers e series muffler, dubbed, the shorty, back in 99 when it was put on the bike, it was a works pipe, no one could get them, this is a former world chamionship winning bike, i didnt get the pipe. anyway...i beleive that white brothers makes the shorty e series pipe, if so, get it, and then...weld the settings of the timing between the WR setting and the YZ then you will have a ton of bottom end, plus that pipe will give you a ton of top end...its awesome, i love it. maybe it will work for you not sure if i described it right though...only had the bike a month, its awesome..getting used to the power though..roost yall later.


The stock pipe makes the most peak HP so if you ride the rev limiter the stock pipe works the best! The one thing about the YZ 400/426 is that going to an aftermarket pipe doesnt give you more power it just moves the power around! BBRguy, the tapered WB header and shorty exhaust are designed for bottom to mid power (less top end)! And you dont weld the cams you set their timing and if you set it to WR specs you have a more controllable "powerband" the YZ timing is much more "radical" meaning it has more of that mid range hit! Just my $.02



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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A couple of months ago one of the magazines had a great 10-12 page article on all of the yzf aftermarket pipes avail. and dyno charts with the comments of the testers.


Not sure of mag or month but i am sure is still have it and i will post it later when i find it for you .

But i do remember that the White Bros made about 5hp more than the stocker.

Big gun was also in there but they ripped on it and it made less than stock.

I will get back to ya later.




BIG GUN 42.6 @ 8500

Dave miller concepts 42.9 @ 8500

Dirt squirt perf tit. fact srs 44.6 @ 9250

Noleen HVO 43.9 @ 8500

FMF w/header 45.1 @ 9250

FMF w/o header 44.5 @ 8750

FMF w/sa 42.7 @ 8750

FMF w/sa + header 44.1 @ 8500

Pro Circuit T4 w/header 42.2 @ 8500

Supertrapp ids2 "lotsa top" 45.7 @ 9500

Stroker Speed eqpt s/a 43.8 @ 8750

Stroker Speed eqpt s/a header 43.0 @ 8500

Up-tite 45.2 @ 9500

45.2 @ 10000

White Bros.E-hawk 45.2 @ 8750

E-hawk w/header 45.3 @ 8500

E-sbend 12 discs 45.5 @ 9000

R-straight header 45.0 @ 9250

E-Mega straight hdr 45.6 @ 9250

E-Mega 1.75 hdr 45.2 @ 9500

E-Carb/Ti s-bend tpr hdr 45.1 @ 7750

YAMAHA GYT-R carbon/Ti 44.0 @ 8750

According to the article all of these pipes wer down hp in the mid 6000-7000 range compared to the stock.

Not trying to be biased here but I have had incredible luck with the 12 disc setup on the WHite Bros. pipe and that is the same thing that this article said the testers liked.

They tried the "open end" approach and all of the testers said they prefered the 12 disc spark arrestor powr to it.

anyway I think you may be able to get back issues of Dirt Rider by writing to them and requesting a copy .......might cost you a couple of bucks but very interestin' stuff.



ride BLUE

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