cam chain swap..

anytips on knocking this out quick and easy.. got to swap the chain on the 07.. have a motion pro mag/flywheel puller to help with that aspect..

first time doing this.. any advice would be helpful.. thanks

i believe there is a thread on this in the sticky at the top of this forum. i had to print it out myself the other day. i'm in the process of dropping a 450 exhaust cam in my 426, shimming my valves and last but not least replacing my tired old cam chain just for precautionary measures :thumbsup: but like i said, gray has a thread on it. check the "common threads: look here first" sticky

follow the manual.

remember to leave the flywheel off while you are putting the cams in, if the chain is off the gear at the crank just a bit you can't get the intake cam back in.

exhaust cam first then intake. be sure to lube everything well. Torque to spec in a cross pattern.

patients is key, when the intake cam goes in correctly it goes right in, you don't have to force it. there is a trick to it so take your time.

follow the manual.

Trouble is that in the manual, the timing chain replacement isn't covered except in the part covering splitting the crankcases. An oversight. Using the write up referred to here along with the manual will cover the job well.

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