2006 YZ450 clutch no getting oil

A friend of mine just bought a 2006 450 and the clutch felt like it was dragging even when it was disengaged... i.e. hard shifting and bike would lurch forward as it idled down. We pulled the clutch cover and the clutch is dry. He changed the oil and the level is correct. The previous owner just rebuilt the motor and resealed the water pump, so he may have had the right side cover off. My question is what would keep the clutch from getting oil? He has put a couple hours on the bike and, I think, would have blown it up by now if the oil pump wasn't working. Any ideas?

Oil is fed to the clutch under pressure. The circuit begins at the oil filter cover and runs back to the crankcase through the port at 10:00 o'clock at the oil filter cover flange. It branches at the cylinder base, with one branch going up the right rear head bolt to feed the cams, and the other continuing across the crankcase to the left side, where it turns to feed oil to the ends of each trans shaft.

Look in the manual on page 3-17 and follow the procedure for checking oil pressure. If that is OK, or if the engine is currently opened up with the right cover off, remove the right case cover, pressure plate, and push rod, and use a syringe or a squeeze bottle to inject oil into the passage feeding oil from the crankcase to the top and trans. You should get oil to flow out of the main shaft.

The clutch will not normally be soaked in oil, but it should at least be a little wet.

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