Scary Smell

Hey All:

Just got back on my '00 426 after recovering from a broken leg. I noticed something I do not recall having detected before. At idle there is the faint smell of burning oil. The odor seems to be coming from the vent hose that vents the top end. I have barely run two tanks of gas through this thing so it is still very new. Have any of you noticed this smell or do I need to hit the panic button here?


I smelt a slight oil smell also and it came from the compression release arm dripping on the head pipe.

Worth a look.


Thanks for the info Nick I'll check it out. Just in case you're still out there . . .

Did you have to take any action, or did you just let it go, or did it go away? What did you do?



I ended up pulling the shaft back out and putting it back in and the leak went away. I must not have gotten the seal in correctly.


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