Part# 23 on yamaha carb diagram

What kind of jet is part number 23 as referenced in this diagram"? It could also be #21 I don't know I can't tell from the diagram. When you take the bowl off in the middle is the main jet then on one side of that is your pilot and the other side is this real small jet that I am talking about. Can someone identifty parts #21 and #23 and tell me where they are looking at my carb and also what they are and the normal sizes for intake/exhaust mods.

I am looking at mine and it is a "72"



Your first link does next to nothing for me.

The small brass jet is #21 the starter jet. It is used when the choke (really an enricher) is used. Normal sizes are a 68 and 72, most of the time.

#23 is the main jet, installed in the end of the needle jet emulsion tube. Sort of sized in 3's - 170, 172, 175, 178, 180.......

ok good deal. Thats what I needed to know. Now i'm just trying to figure out if I should put a 160, 165 or 168 main jet in. The bike is popping like crazy which indicates lean correct? Right now the bike is set at

main 165

needle-jd red with clip from top


starter-stock (i have 72 but its almost 100degrees here, I dont think I need it?)

Mods-Full exhaust

Twin Air filter

Snorkel removed

Elevation -200ft


Let me know what you think before I button this carb back up. I have a 160 165 and 168 and a 170 available for the main.

YZ is a race bike. Do you want it to be fast or quiet? I can jet away the popping but it will slow the bike down.

Some of the popping is from your open pipe. A stocker or a WR muffler would reduce it somewhat. A WR carb too, would reduce it (it has a ACV). Make sure you do not have any exhaust leaks (used a new gasket in the head when you put the pipe on?)

You could run a smaller starter jet in the summer but to be honest, I would only swap it out if cold starts got harder to do as the temp rises and I doubt they will. My WR came with a #68 and cold starts were problematic. I put in a 72 and that cured it.

Has your bike been de-restricted?

popping when on or off the throttle? what throttle position?

45 pilot? seems excessive. try #40. do you know how to tune pilot circuit?

I liked 168 on the main, you might be good with the 165.

try that needle 3rd or 4th clip from top first.

I am making a jetting post. The original question has been answered and my post is deviating. Thanks.

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