Anyone have any suggestions on buying a graphics kit and seat cover? I want to improve the looks of my 400 but looking through the mags there are much better prices than what the dealer offers but there is not much detail as to what they actually look like? Anyone know of a good catalog or website that has lots to choose from.. I want to see it before I buy it.. I just do not want to buy a kit from just a stock number.. Also any suggestions on a brand? I would like it to have a griper type seat cover also

I opted for an Nstyle graphics and seat cover kit and am not pleased with the durability of the seat cover. It's only about 2 months on the bike with about 4 races and practices and the seam is coming apart with a crack developing in the side material.

Try the Yamaha of Troy kit, I've seen them on closeout for $120 and it comes with a gripper seat and alot more decals than most kits ( fenders, airbox and fork upper and lower) plus they look good. Check any dirt mag for the ad.

That’s too bad Boit, for what they cost they should last forever.

I have an N-Style gripper seat that is great but the blue doesn’t match exactly. I should’ve gotten black. Anyway it is durable and was the easiest seat cover to install that I’ve ever tried, very pliant yet strong material, and no seams to bust.

I cannot stand all the covers that have graphics integral to the cover on a separate, shiny (and slick) panel. Maybe all the saddle-time (on horseback) I get has given me some strange riding style but I hold on with my legs and not my arms. Those shiny-sided seat covers are impossible to get any gription on, plus if you have tall seat foam the graphics won’t line up with your tank anyway. Another case off the off-road and vet market being ignored. How do those baggy Crusty pants fit ya Boit? Or are you an SMP dude?

BTW all those hours in the saddle means I never get monkey butt, so I would recommend it as good cross-training :)

This was the N-Style Ultra kit(graphics and gripper seat cover). The seat cover only has the gripper surface on top with the shiney smooth sides like you mentioned. Since this was my first ever aftermarket seat cover/graphics kit, I had to learn the hard way. The easiest way is to read what you guys post here... :)

Hey Hick: Those baggy britches aren't for my old geezer style butt. I go the conservative route.

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Ditto Hick and Boit, get either a regular or gripper cover in a one piece design, not a two part gloss side as mentioned above. They will obviously split and look terrible very quickly. Ceet Ind. have a large variety with durability and not flash in mind. ( here is a good application for 'all style and no substance' :) )

I went to ebay and got my grafics kit and ceet cover for fifty bucks crand new from a dealer close out.

Good info and advice. Thanks guys... :)

im gonna have to say the best looking graphics are of course the BBR motorsport graphics kit, they look smooooooth on a 426.

<center> 00143465106.jpg

there is a picture of a 2000 yz426 with the BBR graphics, they look gooooood. allright im out, see ya.

oops i also forgot to add that the graphics kit can be acquired by loging onto or calling them directly at (253)631-8233 the kit goes for your basic 120 bux...i currently have them, they line up very good, and they last forever, the last set that was on the bike lasted for 2 years of racing every weekend, and practicing 4 times a week. they have breather holes in them so they wont bubble...and they look darn good. allright im outa here, see ya.


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