Pilot Jet (how tight?)

Brand New 07' wr450 Should I be able to get the pilot jet out just by hand strength on a small flat head screwdriver. I am changing my jets w/out removing the carb and its the hardest one to get at. I thought it would loosen by hand and I dont want to booger up the jet. Thanks ahead.

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forgot info

Don't use a screw driver, use a nut driver so you don't damage it. I think it's 6mm.

The pilot jet? Nope, it's a screw slot. If it's that tight, you may have to remove the carb. At the least you'll want to fit a screwdriver to the full size of the jet well.


Oops, you're right, for some reason I had "main jet" on the brain...:thumbsup:

I usually push really hard down while turning. It helps to unseat the threads.

Gotcha. By the way I broke a little piece of the black well that surrounds the jet. That wont effect anything will it?

If you mean the plastic baffle that encircles the main jet, it shouldn't hurt anything as long as it really is a little piece. If you broke half of it off, you might want to buy one.

Finally finished jetting my bike. Runs AWESOME!! 168MJ, 48PJ, All free mods, FMF Powercore 4, yz throttle stop. (its unreal how much more power their is with the right throttle stop)

Thanks a bunch TTer's

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