09 WR 450 Advice Jetting/AIS/Exhaust Alum Fr

I beleive that is a leak jet. I assume that is is tiny, barrel shaped, correct?

I would not install it if it is larger than the one you have now.

Ok thanks, do you know what the standard size is ? My carb has never been opend before?

Depends on the year WR. You need to locate an online partws fiche for a SA WR. When you look at the parts lists, any part with STD (standard) is what is supposed to be in a bike from the factory. An AP (alternate part) is what is also offered. Just because you bought the bike new does not mean the jetting is standard. Many non-US dealers do tweak the jetting to make the bike run correctly.

ok finally picked up my bike. only rode it around the yard a couple of times so far. looking forward to a real ride then the mods. 1 question though, what is the substitute for the speed sensor? want to take that off and put on a number plate. can accomodate everything else but not sure what to do with the speed sensor thing.


The cylindrical jet with 110 marked on it is the pilot air jet. It has to be installed. Shows you where in the instructions.

Speedo drive eliminaotrs can be purchased from Flatland racing I believe. You'll also need the lower fork protector from an 60/07 YZ450F to eliminate the cable cleanly.


awesome thanks...part ordered.

Will a YZ pipe from alumnium frame YZ fit a 07 WR?

09 WR 450 F -Jetting on my bike for sea level to 5000 ft : NFLR YZ Needle middle clip, 152 main 50 pilot rest stock. Baffle removed and fitted GYTR baffle replacement pipe. Snorkel intact. GYTR fuelscrew fitted 2,5 turns open AIS removed. Racetech Springs front and back, hyde headlight cover:banana:

Plug was thick black before the mods after 200 km of riding from new with stock needle 162 main 45 pilot and AIS intact

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