Rad. Guards

Kinda of an informal poll :thumbsup:

How many of you are running radiator guards? Or have opted not to due the the added weight.

I've used them on a DRZ in the past, however don't recall them being as heavy as these unabiker ones.

Additionally, will they work with the clark 3.3 gallon tank..



I am running Fast Lane or Fast Way or something like that. I doubt they weigh more than a pound.

For some reason the left one was really difficult to install. I just could not get it lined up and had to keep trying. On the other hand, I basically threw the right side guard at the bike and it installed itself.

They fit fine with my Clarke tank.

i use the flatland racing guards on my husky. works fine with the ims 3.4

You know what? That might be the brand I have Flatland.

I have Unabikers and a IMS 3.4 gallon YZ style tank on my 01 WR426. I had to massage :lol: the back side of the right radiator guard with a hammer to give it a custom bend in order to allow the tank to not hit so badly. At first I couldn't even get the shrouds close to mounting as the tank was getting kicked upwards from the back part of the Unabiker. Even after giving the guard a good beating with the hammer, the tank still hits the rear part enough that removing the shrouds and tank is a huge pain in the :thumbsup:, but I haven 't had a problem yet. Admittedly I only have 200 miles with this setup, but hope to add another 50 miles or so on Sunday. I also have Fluidyne radiators, but whether or not that compounds the problem I don't know since I did the guards and radiators at the same time.

Are you asking about a specific year bike? Unibiker's fit just fine with the Clark 3.6 on my 07wr450. They are bomb proof. My bike has ragdolled down many steep, rocky, McNasties when my riding ability fell short.



Help. I've fallen and I can't get up.:thumbsup:

I have the Flatland guards - they went on no problem with the stock tank, I have never tried an aftermarket tank. Don't remember them being very heavy either.

I can't imagine why people would trail ride without them. I have been on two different rides with friends where they crushed a radiator. The guards are cheap insurance in my opinion. One ride the guy was able to coast back downhill to the truck. On the other ride we were ~4 mi from a road on some tight, rocky singletrack. Luckily we were able to rig up a bypass of the crushed radiator and ride back on the other one. It would have been a long push / tow out of there if that had not worked.

To me they are well worth the money to not have to deal with a crushed radiator in the middle of nowhere, not to mention the cost of buying a new radiator.

I have the Yamaha radiator guards on my '08 WRF450.

3 weeks ago we went for a 3-day trip in the Auvergne, France , and on the last day I dropped the bike on a steep climb. I was almost standing still and the bike just dropped sideways, but the right radiator fell exactly on a rock. The radiator guard, shroud and white plastic in front of the radiator took a serious beating, but the radiator itself stayed intact and I was able to finish the day without having to do any repairs.

Back home it took me half an hour to remover the assembly, straighten the radiator guard, and mount it back again. No repair costs.

Without the radiator guards the radiator would have been total loss.

I hesitated too when I bought the bike last year, but it turns out to be well worth the money to install them.

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