2010 WR450 advice

hi, ive finally made the decision to sell the 06 yz450 and upgrade to a 2010 WR450, ive read through this site checking if yamaha have any intenion of upgrading the wr like the new yz's? just wanted a confirmed answer to wether or not they will be mods to the wr's in the near future? have they released any info on 2011-2012?



My local dealer didn't have much info on the subject, just that there won't be a 2010 WR. They said there are too many 2009s out there. Maybe a 2011 will follow the fuel injection and backwards engine config. I went ahead and bought the 2009. A great deal I must say. I think the fuel injection will be great once they get it on the WR. Fuel injection is the only reason I would wait.

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