Well, I am back

had the wr for sale for the last 10 months, no bites. Screw it I am gonna keep on riding in the dirt. You guys couldnt shake me even if you wanted

I am surprised you could not sell it. It would have moved fast in the Los Angeles Area. When I sold my XR650L, the day it came out in the recycler (online), the first guy that came over bought it. Then 2 days later, I saw a '02 WR426F come up for sale and I was the first guy that saw it, and I bought it on the spot. I guess that is one of the good things about LA, you can move used stuff fast. Anyway, why do you want to see such a hot bike anyway. You should compare your WR to that XR650L I used to ride. It is like a sports car vs. an SUV.

You can sell anything for the right price :)

You can sell anything for the right price :)

You sure can. Like my 7 month old 02 WR426 for $3900. :D Glad you're still with us, Ronin!

OUCH !!!

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