03 Yz 450f

My bike seems like it runs way lean (backfires, and pops) when the hot start lever is in but when i pull it out it seems like its runnin fine, ive torn the carb apart two times and wondering if i missed cleaning a place any help is appreciated!

What color is the knob on your hot start lever?

the knob on the lever is black , its stock, and the I just bought a pro circuit hot start connector because the OEM one was stripped and thought it would fix it but it didn't :thumbsup:

mmmmmmmm my hot start choke is red?

on the 03's they brought up the hot start to a lever on the handlebars

The knob is your choke, and your carb is running lean because of a partially blocked pilot jet or a stuck hot start, which is the aforementioned small lever on the clutch perch.

Well pretty positive it isn't a stuck hot start, i pulled the jets out and they looked clean soaked them in gunk carb cleaner anyways but i can pull them out again.

The pilot screw is adjusted correctly? The O-ring is in place on the screw?

yes pilot jet is out 2 1/2 turns, yes the oring was in place last time I put the carb back

That's the pilot screw, not the pilot jet.

:thumbsup: crap oh yeah I had the dealer rebuild it, put high compression wiseco piston in, and rejetted it...how do you adjust the pilot jet? hmmm i'll pull it out and see if the is intact.

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