Buying new 426

I am trying to make a decision to by a new 2001 426. Currently riding cr250. The maintenance is so basic on a 2 stroke. The 426 concerns me as I read some of the posting here. Just looking for some advise.


Just remember that rebuilds on a YZF happen MUCH less than on a 2 stroke. There are guys on this list that have been racing for two years straight without rebuilding the top end. Try that on your cr........ Bottom line is to not let the maintainence worry you. You do the bearings, forks, rear shock, other chassis components the same as any other race bike. You do the engine less....sounds like a plus to me.

Good luck with a 426, I am sure you will love it!!


I recently bought a 01' 426 and love the bike! It jumps, turns, holeshots very well... and roosts anyone who wanders into its wake! The bike is going to have less maintainence then your CR250 simply because it is a 4 stroke (no more top ends every month or so) and all the other maintainence you would normally do are the same (change oil, clean air filter, lube chain, etc). I felt the same way you are feeling before I bought my bike I wandered onto this site and read all the "horror stories" of exploded clutches, hubs, and 4th gear problems! I almost didnt buy the 426...but now I am very glad that I did (remember this site is mainly a forum that discusses problems and very few people have problems with the 426, i never knew the 426 had problems until i read on this forum). This bike is so much fun to ride and you wont regret it! All you have to worry about is learning the technique of starting this beast which isnt hard once you get the hang of it! Hope this helps in your decision!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Hay motoman393 were is friendswood tx? Iam from dallas area.


its in the houston area!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

The last bike I owned was a 93 cr250, sold it in 98 and purchased an 01 426 in October. I can't even think of ever buying another short winded 2 stroke. The power these thing posses is amazing. I rode this weekend with a buddy of mine and his 97 kx 250. We switched bikes for about 1/2 hour. Wow! is what kept coming from his mouth. These new four strokes rip, yet are very smooth and get awesome traction. Gone for me are the days of feathering the clutch on slippery ground, or not being in the perfect gear for a jump. Twist and go. Good luck with your decision, there are a lot of Yamaha educated folks on this site. Listen to them! Jason

I had the same hesitation before abandoning my 94 YZ250, even though I have been waiting a long time for a competative 4-stroke to come around. Man, am I glad I switched! My corner speed has improved dramatically, as you can corner under power from the moment you let off the brakes without worrying about sliding out (within reason of course). I will never switch back.

Motoman, are you racing the winter series that houston honda is puting on? There is 4

races in the series. They wood be a drive for you because, the last one was freestone

and the next one is texarcana.


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