wr450 05 Led indicators dont flash..

G'day. Ive tried searching but didnt manage to find the info i'm after. Ive got a wr450 05 model, fully street legal. Standard indicators. I got some led indicators off ebay. Plugged them in, on the standard relay, only half of the leds light at about 50% brightness, when switched on, but they do not flash at all. Just stay constant with half the leds working at half strength.

I went and purchased a tridon 3-pin led, non-load dependent flasher unit. Plugged it in, but still acts similar to the standard relay. There is a 4th wire, that comes out of back of relay on a seperate wire, labelled N. So i tried touching it on the neutral while indicating but still no good.

No sure if i need a different relay or if theres something else i must first do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Check system voltage, ensure you have a good 12.8 volts or more

Are you sure it is Grounded good?

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