Breather hose question

I have a 2002 WR426 that I have a question on the stock breather hose. I purchased the bike last fall and have not ridden the bike in very dusty conditions until last Friday. The oil that usually comes out of it when the bike is turned off has always been clean oil. After riding in the dusty conditions, i noticed that the oil dripping out of it is very dirty. Could it be sucking dirt into the hose causing this? Is this normal? the air cleaner is clean and sealed well. Was just thinking that maybe it sucks some dust up the hose. Bike runs great and engine sounds good. Just concerned. anybody else notice this with their breather hose?


And, the oil was just changed and is clean on the dip stick.

I'm guessing it is mounted to the airbox like my '08. These both suck in air and push air back out. If mounted to the airbox, it is usually on the dirty side of the air filter. I pulled mine out, routed it upwards over the top of the left radiator (so the oil will flow back downward to the valve cover), then it goes down a few inches in front pf tje radiator (to keep water from also flowing down to the valve cover) and then it is capped with a Uni vent tube filter. I will say though, that I don't ride in much water at all. If I did, I would probably modify this a bit with a second vent line and filter off a different side of the bike in case the bike drowned out in a water crossing or something so that one end could still pull and push air if the other was under water.


On the 2002 the hose just comes down along the frame tube and exits in front of the shifter. I was unaware that they suck air into the vent tube. Maybe that is why the oil with dirt in it is coming out of the hose.

Simple, just route it upwards from the valve cover like I mentioned so you don't lose the oil, then downward so the end is lower than the valve cover and cap it with a Uni filter and you're good.

The hose sits at the very bottom of the frame - a very dusty area, since it always has a little bit of oil around it/in it - it will pick up dirt fast, oil draining down and out will pick up this dirt and therefore the oil coming out will look pretty filthy.

thanks matt... that makes me feel a bit better about the dirt up the hose...sure would not want that coming out of the engine.

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