some advice please

a few months back i had the shims checked over and the carb cleaned at a local bike shop.

Not had any work done there before but the guy seemed to talk the walk so to speak.

had the bike back a couple of month ago now but since having it back, it back fires when going down hill with the throttle knocked off.

mainly when doing road work at higher revs.

theres also a slight smell of burning oil this again has only started around the same time.

i change the oil and filter every 2nd ride

bike is a 2005 450 done around 4 to 5k at a guess its never been raced just used for trails.

any imfo be great :thumbsup:

Check your F/A mixture screw. When mech. reinstalled it he may have left it turned in too far. Bottom it out lightly then count turns out. Start at 1.75 out and see if this help condition. If not, bowl is gonna have to be pulled off carb to check pilot jet. Maybe blocked after cleaning due to some dislodged debris clogging it up.

Burning oil smell could be from valve cove gasket installed incorrectly allowing a little oil to dribble out on exhaust.

Good luck, John

As far as the smell of burning oil goes, check on the head just above the head pipe to see if the rubber plug for the old decompression lever point is leaking. I hear these have a reputation for coming out. I think in 06 Yamaha changed the casting in the head and this hole was deleted

ok cheers for the imfo i,l give it a go

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