dying WR

I took my 08 wr450 for a ride today and got about half a mile and it got boggy than finally died when i pulled in the clutch. I stoped looked it over and kicked it over again, got about the same distance before dying when i pulled in the clutch. I finally got home doing this. Heres my guess. I havnt changed anything on the bike in over a year(aside from maintence) but my battery has been dead (unable to use E start or blinkers when not on) for a while now. my electrical setup is not perfect yet( bike wont charge battery very good while riding) so can your battery go low enough for the bike to be unable to run? Its not running hot or anythning either.

Try to see if you're getting a very good spark.

I don't think your battery can go low enough that you couldn't run it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Not sure if it is the spark plug. It idles fine and ride fines for a short time, it just starts to die. Like i said before the estart wont work or blinkers when its on. I just hooked up the battery charger to it, and the bike fires on the estart when hooked up . Also the charger says the battery is fully charged even though its stone cold dead(which it deff is).

Pretty sure your battery can't go so low it won't run. I had my battery go out on me in the middle of a trail on Moab and was able to ride back using the kick start (thank god). The electric spedometer was all messed up (said I was doing ~100 mph), but it got me back.

yea i kicked it over and i was able to ride home as well. it just died a few times on the way home lol.

my electrical setup is not perfect yet( bike wont charge battery very good while riding)

If the battery is dead, and on top of that the bike doesn't produce enough electricity, then it won't run. Components like the CDI, throttle sensor, etc... will not work.

Sounds to me like each time you ride it will do 1-2 miles on the remaining juice in the battery, and when this is not enough, it will die on you.

Charge the battery or get a new one and try it out. If this works, then have the electrical system checked out, otherwise you will drain the battery again...

I rode my 04 without a battery even in the bike for a full season with no issues.

Check your fuel tank vent....it sounds like your tank is not venting, or a fuel starvation problem....check your fuel lines, and float/bowl as well.

Haha its funny u mentioned the venting as an issue because i just put a new billet gas cap on the bike. IM not around the bike right now, but i wonder if its the culpret. Doubt it cuz i know the battery is shot.

I'm putting money on your shiny new gas cap. Does it have a vent check valve, and it is installed in the right direction?

you should be able to completely remove the battery from the bike, and run it with no engine issues...as mentioned, my 04 did not have a battery even installed for a full season, and LOTS of others dump the battery for weight savings.

Your symptoms sound more like fuel starvation, not electrical.

Put your old gas cap on as a test. I'm betting it will not stall.

Yea i am gonna try it tmrw morning when i get home. Man i hope your right , cuz this bike has been rock solid so far and im not in the situation to be dealing with costly repairs right now lol.

Let us know how it turns out

Well what do you know lol. Turns out it was the fuel cap. swapped back the stock one and went for an hour long run with no issues. The billet cap does have a vent hole though. Anyone ever one of these and modify them? I think I might drill a small 1/16" hole down through it. Thanks again man.

Never used a aftermarket gas cap.

Can you blow through the vent from the top of the cap?

You should really have some sort of one way check valve on it for safety in case of a tip over to prevent gas from spilling everywhere, such as the header, which could have very bad results.......

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