What handlebars?

I am over six foot and have recently went to tall seat foam. Would like to know what bars work best for a tall person. I am trying to get away without buying new triple clamp. Any suggestions?


I'm 6-1 and my first set of Renthal bars were fine, but not great. I just choose a pair off the wall of the moto shop.

So I then switched over to the Renthal Jeremy McGrath bend, part number 96002, and now things feel much better. What a big difference a little difference can make!

Check out Renthal.com for all the bend specs and available bars. It's impressive how many they have.

And consider also your shoulder width, since it's not all about height.

Good luck!


I am 6'3", and use renthal replica bars, and I think they are Button replica bend high. they raised the bars about 1" over the stock 00 426 bars.

Jimmy button bars!!

If you can't get them, then cr high bars

Button Bars here also and BRP triple clamp to moves bars forward.

Dennis 6'2 '99 YZ400F

I like the Button bend bars, They seem to be taller and allow me to move around on the bike a bit more.. Just my 2 cents

At 6'0" I've got the Renthal McGrath bend and they work great on my 00426. Much better than stock!


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