wr400 water going to expantion tank?

Can anyone help me please , i have just rebuild my bike after detonation and its running ok except it keeps overheating , when i put water in the radiator the pressure builds and pushes the water to the expantion tank, please note that i have just tried to reseat the valves so i was kind of thinking it was down to the shims being the wrong sizes what do you guys think?:thumbsup:

If, with a full radiator, radiator cap off, engine running, you dsee bubbles, you have a bad head gasket/waped head/poorly fitted oring. If it looks good, it could well be just a bad radiator cap.

so if i see bubbles coming up then there is a prob with the gasket/o rings or warped head?

Yes, that is correct

And that means a lot of $$$$$ down the drain.....

Is the water pump working and are all the hoses connected correctly ?

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