Help!! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Ok..I get all my parts from sudco today. I tear the bike apart, looking for the PAJ, so I can install this nifty new screw. But apparently, the '03 450 carbs are completly different. What I need is a general Idea of where the maj, paj and the starter jet go on this carb. Sudco even sent me the wrong PJ after I was guaranteed that it was the right one. also the diagram on their website of the fcr is a different one. If anyone has the new diagram, that would be great. I do not have my manual, as I have loaned it out.

Thanks compadres! :)

I would love for taffy or larryco to look at the above mentioned diagram and tell me if they can make heads or tails of it. If my PAS will not work, I will have one for sale with all the wrong jets tha sudco sent me

Thanks for the diagram lowedog! :):D

So um.. what do we do to get a pilot air screw? Does one exist for the 03's? I think I'd like to try messing with one of those and see what it does.

On page 4-10 of the manual, #27 in the break down is the PAJ. It does'nt say what size it is anywhere in the manual. I also could not see a listing of a MAJ in any of the parts breakdowns or in the parts lists :). Hope this little bit of info helps.

Smoke :D

Page 2-8 provides all the Specs.

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