Bog issues

Finally got an exhaust tip/insert for my BRP so its not so bloody loud. unfortunately it now has throttle bog like crazy, feels like the choke is on almost. it is the drilled stocker. Main jet is a 170 stock needle, clip at 4th position, HRC manifold boot, airbox restrictors gone etc. standard uncorked 650R, now quieter. every time i get on the gas it bogs, then it seems to just run out of revs pretty quick. it feels for all the world like the choke is on, except its not. left an incredible amount of black on the spark arrestor too after just one short ride (about 20 miles). main jet was a 175, i changed it to 170 when i put the tip in (im at 1600 ft elev.). I think its already bad starting habits got worse too even after changing the plug. this is gettin really irritating. Someone please help! i may have done something stupid so point out the obvious please, thanks, JR


Tell us please. Are you using the Stock needle? Do you know what position your needle clip is in? Does it only bog right off the bottom but then clean up when it gets on the main jet and then run out of revs? You might be slightly lean on the main jet for your altitude but then again maybe not.

It sounds like a needle problem or did you possibly leave a rag or some other object in the air box while you were working on it? It sounds funny, but I've seen that happen and that will make it hard to start and have all bog and no acceleration.

Just my 2 cents. I'm sure others will chime in here.



Just a couple of suggestions:

1) Clean your air filter and lighty oil it with a quality spray-on air filter oil. Roll the filter up into a tube and squeeze (do not twist). Pat off excess oil with a clean rag. Excess oil will "choke up" your Pig.

2) Cut a 2" diameter hole high up on the air filter side panel and cover the hole with stainless steel fine mesh screen (fiberglass screendoor mesh can also be used). This can be held in place with a silicone adhesive or small nut, bolt, washer fastners.

3) Try adjusting the pilot screw for better idle and off idle response(see page 5-15 in the Honda service manual). Only small adjustments should be made (for example adding up to 1/2 turn out). This could help with the bog, however remember you can't expect to whack the stock carburetor WTO from from idle, you need to roll on the gas a little at first and then whack it.

4) You may be a little lean on the main at your altitude. I would go back to the 175. Especially after opening up the side panel.

5) Also, there have been some cases of the coil wire that runs alongside the fuel tank back to the ignition control module(right hand side as you sit on the bike) getting rubbed bare at a weld point on the frame causing loss (leakage) of electrical power. Remove the fuel tank and check for wear, I have covered this wire with clear plastic tubing, split down the middle and then wrapped with electrical tape.


I fixed it, screw the neighbors, just took the tip back out and put 175 main back in, runs great, loud again though

Glad your bog is gone and PIG is Back!

Just a quick reply. For those using a twin air filter, PLEASE don't oil the inside filter!!. Note; sold a bike to a friend that ran great, (when I had it) fron 4000 to 10000 first time he took the bike up country it ran like crap and fouled plugs. PROBLEM, he had coated both filters with oil, and poor thing could not breath. :)

I hear what you are saying sonor, but the oil is there for a reason-to trap dirt. The filter is designed to run oiled. I suspect the filter you referred to was over oiled. If you don't oil the inner filter, dirt which is not trapped by the very coarse outer filter will go right through and enter the engine.

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