Is good...enough?

After reading all these posts on jetting I have to wonder where a guy draws the line and calls it good enough. I have went to standard YZ 450 jetting on my WR with all the free mods done and the cork out. I have not messed with the PAJ or MAJ. So in that regard if they are not the same as the YZ standard then I am not at exactly the same jetting. IMO my bike rips. It has no hesitation off idle. Excellant throttle response everywhere. I think it may be a little on the rich side for the hot weather we have had here lately (close to 100 today) but not to the point that it had any problems. So is there that much more to gain by continualy messing with the jetting or do I leave it and say it runs damn strong and thats good enough?


BTW I am the type of guy who can't stand to think that my bike is not running as best as it can even though it's good enough. :)

I wish I could leave my jetting alone but until my bike can run as good as my fuel injected R1 I am not going to be fully satisfied. The FCR carb may be the four stroke choice but it is no match for a well designed fuel injection system. I will be the first one to get a new Yamaha when they decide to come out with it on the WR series bikes. Yamaha has the best fuel injection design on street bikes since it uses a carb type design with incredible throttle response and no surging like the Suzuki's and Honda's. :)

I don't know about everyone else, but I just have a compulsion about nicely browned plugs... it's the bike itself I prefer to be all black! :)

Yeah, it's the "is there more to be had that I'm not getting" thing. But I would not trade a well-running, reliable bike for any plug reading. Theoretically, at least, I shouldn't have to. Should, in fact, be just the opposite case: Good jetting = good running bike. Better jetting = better running bike.

I know the bike ran decent jetted as before, but it left really sooty plugs. That also means unecessary carbon build-up on the piston crown, valves, and head, aside from surrendered power. That is not a good thing. I KNOW it can be better, and will keep homing in on the best jetting I can attain.

Guess it is like Race Tech claims about suspension: "The best you know is the best you've had." (which might or might not really be all that good). So we tinker and chase perfection because it is our nature. Sure, it is probably 90% mental.

On the other hand: "The man who is happy with little is wealthy indeed." I sometimes really envy those guys... They spend more time riding! :D

If I had the nearly unlimited and beautiful riding areas and opportunities that many of you do, my bike would be lucky to get an oil change now and then!!


What are your settingd at. What I am finding out now is the 450 carb is a totally different animal than the 426. Like an idiot, I spent a ton of money on jets pas, all the needles everyone was talking about BEFORE I pulled the carb all the way off and found that everything except the main jet and needles were wrong. I would be intereste to hear what you are running. I also looked for some majs for the 450. The stock one is a 100. And I can't seem to find any part #'s for anything else. Thanks!


I know what you mean about the carbs. That has caused me a lot of confusion. Are you saying that the pas doesn't work on the 450 carb? If so that sucks because I have one on the way. I know that the new carb has a differant pilot than the old model. Luckily I knew what they looked like when I ordered them online because the ones pictured on the website were listed for a differant carb.

Besides all the free mods as stated before my carb settings are as follows.

Accelerator pump adjustment screw turned clockwise half a turn. This cured the rich condition right off idle by delaying the squirt slightly.

YZ needle NCVQ 4th position.

162 main

42 pilot

1-3\4 turns out on my self made titanium fuel screw. (see post titled: is there a market for more after market parts by BrandonW for a picture). :)



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