This is why you don't wheelie a Harley

n'uff said.........sheeesh...

It looked badass though!

He shoulda been wearing a helmet... imagine if he had crashed and hit his head on that big green garbage been...

Heck, not the bikes fault....i'm going to blame it on location...a wet dead end alley? come on.

I just have a thing against hogs I guess...I'm in my 40's and still don't like many of them...maybe I should have titled the thread "how many things wrong with this picture?"

But true...way too many be doing that on any bike really.

1. dead end alley

2. parked vehicles

3. water on the pavement

4. limited run...maybe 100 ft?

5. No helmet

6. Dumpster


that water didnt help either. again what no helmet too cool i guess

What a goon!.:)

skill is the only thing wrong with this (well and doing that without a helmet)

Nothing wrong with riding wheelies in water, or crowded areas if you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

I rode wheelies in our local parade this year, some spots were about 30 foot wide, with our lead vehicle and chase vehicle sometimes within 50 foot of eachother. But I wouldn't put a new rider in that area and tell them to wheelie! lol :)

If you watch the slo mo replay it looks like he locked up the rear brake! Setting down the front in water will have zero effect on the rear sliding out. He made a poor split second decision to hit the rear brake hard. as mentioned the dead end alley did not help. And where was his freaking helmet? what a douche!

it kills me not wearing a helmet what an idiot thats a good way to become :smirk: and ya lets head right for the dumpster :smirk:

Its worrying how everyone watching casually stroll towards him! :smirk:

haha that is great!! Its not like he crashed hard so why would the bystanders be in a panic to get it him if he is stitting up.. :banana:



Never did like HD's much...

Well the ol boy did give it a good try.....I cant bash Harley`s since thats how I make a living.....

If only one day I could be half the rider and as cool as that guy. Cruising "skills" are a dead end alley... I had a friend who was buddies with a guy that got a new Harley. He let my friend take it for a ride. Who knew you are supposed to lean to corner and not just yank the bars where you want to go? Long story short... broke both legs and totaled a new bike. No video though....

Super tard, here to save the day.

Wear a helmet ass.

Edited by another drz guy

The correct title to this thread should have been "this is why idiots shouldn't ride motorcycles"...

reason number one not to wheelie a harley, theyre too damn over priced/expensive to risk it :smirk:

cant say Ive never done stupid no helmet wheelies but never on a dead end road.

Hes on a harley,too cool to wear a helmet.All you need on a harley is a head band and a chain driven wallet.

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