ignition cover "stuck"

i'm in the process of a cam change, valve adjustment and cam chain replacement on my '02 yz426f. i went to take the ignition cover off to get to the flywheel and everything so i can change the cam chain and well... the cover won't come off very easily. now before i go prying at it and cracking it or something anyone have any ideas how i might go at this a bit easier?

You will feel resistance trying to get it off as the magnetic force of the flywheel will be attracting the stator. As long as you remove all the bolts holding it, and unplug the wires, it'll come off with a bit of force. Also, when you go to put it back on, be careful not to get your fingers in the way, as the cover will snap on when the magnet pulls the cover on.

i have a hard time believing that a magnet is as strong as this is. i pulled on the cover pretty hard(there's little tabs on it) and even pried on it with a screw driver on the 'tabs' a bit and did manage to get the bottom part to separate a bit enough to drain some of the oil(i didn't remember to start the engine to get most of the oil out of the ignition cover prior to tearing it down so i have to drain it all) but i'm not too keen on prying on the 'tabs' too much in fear of snapping them off or cracking the cover. but if that's magnetic force alone holding the cover on then i'll be amazed honestly.

The cover has to be pulled away from the engine squarely, as the stator is mounted in it. If it tilts, the stator will bind in the flywheel. As said, the magnetism will also resist the removal. Get all the screws out, break the bond of the gasket, and lift it off as squarely as possible.

i think what i'm having problems with is the actual breaking the bond of the gasket. i just really don't want to break my cover. i'll work at it though patiently i guess and see how it goes. thanks guys

Try lightly tapping with a rubber mallet.

i did give it a few good raps with the handle end of my big screwdriver... maybe that just wasn't enough mass to unstick it... i'll dig out the mallet tomorrow before work :thumbsup:

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