2001 Shifting/Clutch

Curious about two things. First, to use the clutch for most shifts up and down or not to use it. Second, what material are the clutch driven (non-fibre) plates made from, Aluminum or Steel.



From my experience, the hardest shift is from 1st to second so that's the one I use the clutch on most of the time. As long as you don't leave the throttle open, you can shift without the clutch. Plus, it's really handy to downshift without the clutch as you enter a turn and use the engine braking advantage. Why Fonseca wants the freewheeling clutch is beyond me. I suppose he can't get used to the engine braking since he's been racing 2-strokes all his life. Make sure you don't down shift if the engine is up near the rev limiter.....that could over-rev the engine and float a valve right into the piston.

As far as those plates...I believe they are steel. They sure felt and looked like steel to me when I was installing the Hinson basket.

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In my limited time spent on my new '01 426, (2 weeks), the tranny shows the same versatility as my '93 CR 250. It will handle full throttle speed shifts using no clutch with aplomb! However, I tend to use my clutch most of the time when upshifting or down shifting, since I want my new toy to last.

I never use the clutch when upshifting but sometimes on downshifts to control the engine braking. The rev limiter is there to keep the valves off the piston but you can override it on on a downshift say from 4th to 1st. Your tranny may last longer using the clutch, I only keep a bike for 2yrs usually and have never had a problem. My 98 400 was flawless and is still running well.

Hey F-Pilot, what kind of oil were you using?

This may have had the biggest impact on how well your clutch lasted etc.

Mobil 1 5w50. I did replace the fiber plates once with OEM.

So let me get this straight...you guys DONT use the clutch when you shift I may not be a genious but aint that a little bad for your tranny??? Oh well even if it isnt bad for your tranny, 95% of the time I speed shift (I aint happy til im riding a wheelie and got mud in my teeth :) ) I guess it is a habit now to speedshift since I was trying to ride my XR200 a couple years ago as fast as it could go! :D



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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