WR450 mods only...what are you running?

Howdy brothers in blue.

I was wondering if I could get the owners of WR450's to post what they have done to their bikes. I think it is getting a bit confusing to us 450 owners when we see all the mods that have been done to the other models, and though most will work with the 450, I would like to compile a list of 450 only mods, so we can have a baseline to work with. :)

Ok ...I will start

03 wr450

fmf q series pipe

throttle stop removed

airbox baffle removed

grey wire removed

all lights removed

changed main jet to 160

changed pilot to 48

moved stock needle clip down to 5th

zip ty screw

applied triple clamps

pro taper woods bend bars

tera flex rear tire

One industries gripper seat cover with guts tall/soft foam

mach 1 graphics

altitude:30 ft


Throttle stop

Grey wire

stock exhaust with the cork out

Airbox snorkle out

Accelerator pump adjustment screw turned clockwise half a turn. This cured the rich condition right off idle by delaying the squirt slightly.

YZ needle NCVQ 4th position.

162 main

42 pilot

1-3\4 turns out on my self made titanium fuel screw. (see post titled: is there a market for more after market parts by BrandonW for a picture).

Baja Designs dual sport kit. (minus signals, anyone need some?)

Works connection frame guards

Seal Savers

Acerbis rally 2 hand guards

Acerbis front disc guard

Self made PMB style billet cargo rack.

Spending way too much money on this beast but it sure is fun. :)


Here you go Machster:

'03 WR450 with the following:

- YZ450 Throttle stop

- GYT-R exhaust insert

- Air box silencer (some call it a snorkel) removed

- Gray wire disconnected

- Stock Jetting (too lean - in process of rejetting)

- Flatland radiator guards (learned the hardway - caved in the throttle side cooler... Thanks Mylers!)

That't it for now...

03 wr450

Gray wire mod

Insert removed "air box"

Power Now carb insert

160 mj

50 pj

All other jets stock

Stock needle in stock position

Stock exhaust w/promoto insert

Fuel screw 2.5 turns out

stock throttle stop "just haven't cut it down yet"

Haveing Leak Jet factory fix done next week

Elevation 2000-2600ft

Spark plug rim is black a little rich I’m going to go to a 160 mj and 48 pj

I am running:

155 main

48 pilot

Modified YZ250f exhaust

PMB endcap with arrestor & quiet tip

Throttle stop at 23mm

Air box mod

Grey wire cut

HD fly tubes

B&S digital hour meter

Trail Tech & billet mount

UFO rear fender and tailight

400+ miles no TSB ( no keys )

Running good at 3600 ft

Devol radiator guards

Utah cycle skid plate


As per your request....

Ride fast - take chances



03 CND WR 450

yz 450 pipe


48 pilot

DUQ needle #4

fuel screw around 2 turns with homemade adjuster

gold protapers woods bend cut down to 28"

renthal dual compund grips

enduro engerneeing hand guards with cycra triple clamp mounts

works connection frame guards

works connection throttle tube

devol rad. guards

devol skid plate

devol rear disk guard

fly HD tubes

zip-ty 02 yz250f magnetic drain plug

yz rear fender and front # plate on order

3000 to 4000 ft


now i have to start saving money for school :)

Elevation: 550ft. 160 main, 48 pilot, 0bduq (euro spec) needle, jip-ty fuel screw (turns vary with temp), GYT-r insert, de-snorkled, Grey wire pulled. No bog,pop,backfire. RIPS. :)

Here I go;


Scotts Triple Clamp

Pro Taper Bars & rubber mounts

Panoram computer

Twin Air Filter

Air box cut out and modfied heavily

Carb vented to air box

Air box side cover sealed with silicone rubber gasket

Rear left side cover hand hold slot added for air flow

Power Now

Gray wire

Sky Blue wire

Throttle stop to 23mm

Devol rad guards

Works Connection rad braces

Works Connection skid plate

Acerbis Rally Pro bark busters

Zip Ty magnetic drain plug

Zip Ty Adjustable air screw

Seal Savers

Ironman sprockets & Regina ORS chain

Thunder Alley 96 db with Sparky and Ceramic coating

5.8 kg rear spring 11.25" free length

Moose Fender pack tool kit (for long hauls)

Moose Heavy duty tubes

Michelin S12 front and rear

Jetting is listed below. Waiting for EMM neddle to fix lean 1/8th to 1/4 throttle condition (needle diameter)

Rear left side cover hand hold slot added for air flow

Indy your turning into the WR450 Guru. I had cut holes in the back of my air box but thought that it would be restricted because the only air into the area is through the right hand hold. I bought a dremel tool last week with this job in mind but hadn't done it yet. Glad to see someone else was thinking like me. Did you notice any increase in performance with that mod or did you do it along with several others?

I think it only helps on hot days or high altitude the HP increase in cold weather was barely noticeable. I did my air box mod in the end of February so I ran it stock only in 40 degree and colder weather. It is worth doing. A lot of TT members have PM'd me for shots and others have placed 1" dia foam vent holes in the side of the box. The results should be similar. I really noticed the difference when I changed to the Twin air filter. Sorry I cant give your more results. It just seemed crazy to me to see all the air come in from the snorkel with the seat covering it up. You might as well have run a small 1" diameter rad hose to the front of the bike to feed the air box and then we would have ram air! :)

Because of running in the water crossing and stuff I didn't want to put holes in the side of the air box. I did remove the baffles and stuff then cut air holes in the back of the airbox above the rear fender then I started thinking that all the air for the engine comes through the right side hand hold.

I rode today, and I'm riding tomorrow, I think I will make the mod tonight to the left hand hold and see if I can tell a difference. Thanks for the info Indy, you da man!!

Hey endurodog,

Thanks for reminding me of the carb vent mod. I have it vented to the airbox and I used silicone black rubber sealant with pam on the cover side to seal the air box cover on the side of the bike for deep crossings ( the pam keeps the silicone from sticking to the cover while drying). Like Yamakaze said the stock cover should have had a metal ring and rubber gasket or something to seal the water out. :)

Indy, its a dirt bike (meant for use on land), not a water craft. :)

I can vouch for the trickness of Indy's bike. I met him at the badlands in the spring. I only had about 30 miles on my 450 at the time, and he couldnt believe how bad it looked already(Hit a tree earlier in the day :) )He has the swag on his bike for sure!! I have done only the free mods to my WR450, and replaced the stuff I have broken.I put on a michelin s12 front tire on. I did take all the lights off, the coolant overflow bottle, removed all the necessary wiring,changed to a YZ fender and number plate. I removed that HEAVY A$$ kickstand,and put on renthal twinwall bars with adaptors(I am a little tall).

I do have carbon fiber tall frame protectors,probend handguards(already bent my moose guards beyond repair!!) and preprinted number plates for the occasional attempt at a hare scramble or enduro.

All I need to do now is get a few more pounds off the old blue and she'll be PERFECT!! :D

I have to say, coming off a 2 stroke(01 KX250 setup for the woods) I was very nervous about buying the WR. I even had a deal with the dealer, that after my weekend at the Badlands, if I didn't like the bike, he would take it back, and I would buy a YZ250.

That said, I am thoroughly impressed with my WR450. It is everything my 00 WR400 wasn't. IT TURNS!! It is a great woods machine, and it has POWER!! The clutch holds up well to this old 2 strokers fanning, and the bike is almost magical with the way it handles whoops ruts, and roots through the woods. I can't wait to ice race this thing!!


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