WR450 mods only...what are you running?

Thanks for the acknowledgement Dave. I like the Badlands because it is close to home. But I prefer to ride on Kentucky's Daniel Boone forest for my full weekend rides. I have finally got the bike where it needs to be. I have taken 4 months to get all the mods and set up to my liking. I agree this bike is an awesome mud slinging hill climbing monster. The bottom end suits my riding style and terrain very well. Hope every one is happy with their WR450. Mods for the most part are a personal touch. :)

Indy your bike sounds kewl, do you have pics anywhere??

I cant post pics but I can email pics of any specific item you are interested in. I am not into the graphics and cool decals. My bike is very plain looking blue with all factory decals gone. Plastic is beat up and scratched and I am on my third set of rad air scoops. New front fender, headlight cover, ignition switch, and bark busters. In general I just ride the hell out of it and dont spend much time making it look pretty. I spend my time tuning and taking care of the bike. Oil changes every week, etc. So if there is something specific someone wants to see a pic of please PM me. Got to go ride! :)

See my signature below . . .

2005 Wr 450F

All free mods listed

JD Jetting Kit-- Bike runs perfect now

FMF pipe

909 Levers and grips

TO Do List

Pro Taper Bars


ktm hand guards

Thinking about

FMF pipe

03 WR450

YZ450F pipe with PMB sparky

throttle stop removed

airbox baffle removed

grey wire removed

electric start and battery removed

JD Jet Kit Red needle 5th

changed main jet to 165

zip ty screw

Factory Effex Evo 4 graphics

pro taper CR mid bars

Unabiker Rad guards

Flatland Skidplate

FCR Suspension

Moose Handguards

Twin-Air Filter

Works Connection Frame guards

Works Connection Timing plugs, oil fill plug, front and rear brake res. covers.

Factory Pro Clutch Cover

Primary Drive Sprockets and X-ring chain

TM Design Works Chain slider

Dunlop 952 tires

Trail Tech Vapor

altitude:4000 ft

'07 WR 450

Scotts Shark fin

Works Conection Radiator cage

All AIS kit installed/Removed

Tusk Bark busters

Utah Skid plate

Works conection master cylinder cover

IMS tank

YZ shrouds/ Graphics

Tusk bar risers

Twin Air filter

tusk fuel mixture screw

Stator floated ground

Baja Designs regulator/rectifier

**comming soon**

HID headlight

grip heaters

I am having my radiator straightened and Unabiker rad braces installed on my 07 WR450. I bought it in the spring and kept my KX250 for awhile, but I only wanted to ride the WR, so it was sold mid summer.

Moose racing bleeder valves for front forks

6" seal savers on the forks

F2 Racing uncorking kit (those guys are great)

- new needle

- new jets

- instructions to remove smog pump

- instruction to remove snorkel

- throttle screw

- several sturdier screws for the float bowl and carb head

- removed baffle in muffler


I have gone to reserve on two occasions when my ride buddies have all had lots of gas left. I am thinking about a bigger tank or carrying some gas in my pack. Does anyone have any comments on getting a larger tank and will that affect the radiator mounts, which would in turn affect my rad braces/guards?

2007 WR450...

AIS removed

Throttle stop cut

Exhaust Baffle removed

Added fuel screw

Boyson QS2

Factory FX Graphics and #s

Polished frame, swingarm and pipe

ASV levers... thanks to my sponsor!

Acerbis Handguards


Two weeks ago I bought my 2005 WR450f with only 83 miles on it. After draining the tank and cleaning the filter I performed the tips I got from you guys..... Thanks!

1. 48 Pilot Jet

2. 170 Main Jet

3. Cut Gray Wire

4. Uncorked Muffler

5. Removed Air Cleaner "Silencer"

6. Installed adjsutable Mixture Screw (2 1/2 turns out)

7. Shortened Throttle Stop Screw

This thing idles like a dream and runs very strong. After warm, wheelies in 2nd and third just by rolling the throttle. If anybody has any more free tips, bringem' on!

Thanks again,


Way to bring back a 2 year old thread, and the bike picture above is still sweet!

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