jetting problem

I am trying to fix a problem with my jetting I think. My bike runs great, starts find, but is running rich from what the plug looks like. It hesitates a lot from no throttle to 1/4 throttle. After that, all is good. I have dropped the needle on clip and leaned out the pilot let 2x. Which it is now a 38 pilot, 160 main, white brothers e-series pipe with stock head pipe..I am now thinking of leaning out the leak jet...Its a coincidence that I just removed my flywheel weight and rekluse clutch and my muffler broke and now I have jetting problems..I Had the muffler welded and repaired, but when reinstalling it. The exhaust gasket from the pipe to the headpipe fell apart. I put it together the best I could and probably going to buy a new one. Does anyone know if that exhaust gasket could make my bike run rich? Am I doing the right thing? ANyone please help, I am frustrated and have been tweaking my carb for the past 3 weeks...

exhaust leaks will really screw with your jetting!

Man, you are lean!!! That thing would be spitting flames when you change the gasket!

Thanks for the quick response, I hope I got a flamethrower when I repair the exhaust leak..:thumbsup:

foot long blue flames! been there, done that :thumbsup:

seriously, new gasket and standard jetting, and it should be sweet.

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