My 08 at the track.... ;)

not the mx track, but........ the conversion to SM a few things i did after selling my 426.

I used the 426 front Master Cyl and caliper. I used the 2008 front caliper carrier bolted to an 08 relo bracket. the 426 caliper is MUCH more beefier and larger pistons. as well as larger pad surface area, EBC 320 rotor

2006 full exhaust, JD jetting, EZ clutch lever, RaceTech susp., 426 hubs on DRZsm excel hoops (laced myself), i had to make my own RH spacer for the front wheel. the stock 08 RH spacer works for the LH on the 426 hub. strange, i know. ( i used a WR426 spacer/speedo after i did surgery to remove the steel collar/sleeve for the speedo housing, then machined it down to the proper needed length) had to make a brake line holding bracket, geared to 15/44, sticky rubber, and a track day and i think, gentlemen, we have an equation for fun!

the video comes in a few days after i produce it....

couple pics:




although i think after todays session, i may have fried the clutch. time for an upgrade. :thumbsup:

Edited by gbalias

I would get into so much trouble if I had a SM set up... lol looks good!

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