Fuel Screw Tool

Anybody got a trick little short screwdriver idea for access to the fuel screw on bottom of these WR carbs? Do any of the aftermarket screws have an adjustment knob on them?



I have an extra Zip-Ty fuel screw if you are interested in buying it from me. I had damaged the first one I got by seating it in too hard when I first installed it. Mitch at Zip-Ty was really cool about it when I emailed them about it and replaced it for free. In the mean time I had made my own little titanium fuel screw and no longer need the replacement. I will sell it for $20.00 shipped.


I made a quick adjust fuel screw with the directions from motoman393's site. Here: http://motoman393.thumpertalk.com/

Just click on tech articles then fuel screw. It was pretty easy and works fine. :)


I got one from Sears that works great; I think it was 2 bucks, found them by the check out. It is a small disc that fits different bits. If you decide to get it, make sure you get the smaller of the two bits the larger will not work.

Check Harbor Freight. I got a very small screwdriver there for .49.

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