2004 Decompression Plug

Ok, found a lot when searching. Problem is I want to buy the replacemnt part on TT. But I can't find it and the link to the part number isn't working. somebody said member Vibeguy makes the replacement but I can't find him. someone have the correct TT part number.



try that one.. that is the only one that comes up.. I was told he was the one that made them. I got mine off ebay , there is a guy there selling them also.. i was told TT no longer sells them...

TT no longer sells those, and Vibeguy had a limited number available. You can find similar units on ebay if you're bent on spending $20 on the thing, but for $0.75 you can have an 18 mm freeze plug from an auto parts store and solve your problem just as well.

Ok tried ebay JH and got nothing, you remember the name of the vendor? Gray, the freeze plugs I'm familar with pound in. How is this one held in and do you seal it with permatex? Thanks

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