clutch lever

anybody know if its possible to bend the stock cluth lever back into shape without breaking it? I had a little spill the other day on some ice and mine is now shaped like a "u". I know there only about 10 bucks for a replacement, just thought Id ask.


I too have bent mine back about 3 times. I keep a new replacement lever on hand to use for an example to get the bent one back to the right shape. I also have it in case I break it bending it back. I take the lever off and put it in a vise to bend back. I haven't broken one yet.

Wow, you guys are pretty high-tech!

I use a big hammer and the nearest hard, flat surface (the floor). I’ve done this twice on the original brake lever and did not break it, but that is probably strictly a function of the fact that I pre-purchased a Moose replacement.

So if you NEVER want to break another lever just buy a replacement now and your stocker is a lock to last the life of the bike (unless you lose the replacement you bought).

i bend mine to that shape as soon as i get them. i ride with two fingers on the bars ALL the time. love it!


I bend my levers back all the time. I take the lever off the perch and bolt it to a hole in a piece of angle iron on my utility trailer. I take the handle off my floor jack , slip the end of the handle over the lever and slowly work the lever back into shape. I have never had one break this way. I highly recommend taking the lever out of the perch though, because the perch will probably break before the lever will.


If you heat the lever it moves alot easier. Im not sure but heating may take the "temper out" though.


I normally have a spare lever with me all the time. If I bend one, I put the new one on and take the bent one back home. Once home, I use a vise with smooth alum. jaws to straighten the lever. I put the lever in the vise and use shims to support the lever and get the desired bend I am looking for. Now you can tighten the vise slowly until the lever is bent to the proper position. One more note.. I installed a honda lever and perch on mine.. I like the feel as compared to the stock, however, you do loose the on-the-fly adjuster

I've bent a few levers in my time. The best way that I've found to bend levers back to how they're supposed to be is by first heating them up with a torch and, with a hammer, tapping it strait. The level is less prone to breaking if you heat it up first.

Like everyone else said, always keep a replacement. When I bend a level, I'll put a new one on and keep he old one as a spare.


I'm 15 and ride a 2000 YZ426F. Its a little cold here in MI so for now its I have to deal with a 1996 Yamaha XT .600

The best way to bend levers back is to not bend them in the first place. I put a set of bark busters on my bike and haven't bent a lever or bars since. I've hit so hard a few times that I had to bend my bark busters back. They save the bars because when your bike hits the ground it will slide instead of sticking in the ground.


I use Hick's method, but with a big rubber mallet and a piece of wood for the flat surface. can be done! Thanks for the replys, Im going to order a replacement to keep in the truck and try heating and bending my stocker tonight. Any suggestions on handguards? I do a lot of woods riding plus they look really cool. My buddy just got the acerbis (spelling?) ones with the metal reinforced plastic. I think he paid about 80.00 at our local prick dealer.



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Just one quick warning if you are not experienced with heating aluminum..... It may seem like a little is good so alot must be better. BEWARE Aluminum will melt like butter if taken up hot enough. Believe me, it is a much lower melting point than steel. I am in the same boat as Hick. I use a hard plastic mallet and a tree, rock or bumper near by. Have even done crude bend backs with two cresent wrenched right on the bike.

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