proud new of owner of a 01 wr426

hey guys just bought a o1 wr426 and going to pick it up tomorrow afternoon.i have just a few quick questions for you.

1.whats the best gearing to run for top speed but not to sacrifice to much accelration?id like to do 100mph(160km/h)is that safely possible?my mate reckons his crf450 will top out at 120mph or so.

2.the bike has the stock de comp lever on it and i dont like the positions its in has anyone on here moved to a better look spot? often should i check the valve clearances?it has done about 2-3thousand(off the top of my head cos im australian haha)

if anyone can answer the questions for that would be most appreciated.

kind regards


A CRF450 will not even come close to 120mph with stock gearing. I presume he has a 14/42 or something close?

yeah 120mph w/stock gearing..........thats waaaaaaaaaaaay out there

i never said the gearing was has been changed but to what i dont know and can anyone answer my questions seriously??

why would you want to go 160kmph on a enduro bike? unless it was to do a desert race,even then there is better bikes out there for doing that anyway.

Why not ask your friend what he runs, and start there... that will get you pretty close I would think... I still run stock on my 400 and that's more than fast enough for me... i don't even use 5th gear unless im on the road.

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