04wr450f kickstart problem?

hi,went to start my wr yesterday and it would not start,every time i kicked it fuel vapour would exit the exhaust but would not start it also would have compression at the kick starter like normal but after kicking it and not firing i would bring kickstarter back to top and there would be no compression for the next two kicks then it would grab compression again? anyway it stunk like fuel so i left it for 20 mins and tried again,it started after 3 kicks ran and idled fine after warming up.went back out today and it took prob 8-10 kicks to start and was doing the weird no compression thing after every good kick.

valves were adjusted by mechanic 2 weeks ago had top end done 15 months ago with little time on it since then.

can anyone shed some light on the problem?


With regards to having raw fuel coming out of your exhaust, I'd say either you are flooding the bike, or there is an issue with your carb allowing too much fuel into the cylinder. More on that in a moment.

As far as getting one "solid" kick usually followed by a couple strokes without much resistance, it sounds to me like the auto-decompression feature on your exhaust cam is doing it's job properly.

I'd recommend changing or at least cleaning your spark plug & make sure that all unburnt fuel is evacuated from the cylinder & exhaust.

Try the following method next time you go to start the bike...

1. Turn fuel on.

2. If bike has had fuel off & float bowl drained or run dry twist throttle to full open & back closed two times to prime the carb.

3. Turn choke on. (sometimes during hot temps using the hot-start lever can help, even when the bike is cold)

4. Kick or use e-start without moving throttle.

took bike back to mechanic today,he said all is good plenty compression,engine sounds better then most wr's he has heard.so i guess i will keep enjoying it.

just weird how bike was flooded as usually it starts same method 2nd or 3rd kick,would adjusting the valves to correct spec change how bike is started? if anything i would of thought it would make it easier?


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