98' yz400 still a good bike?

Have a chance to swap my cr 500 for a really clean 400. I trail ride only. Had a 400 years ago but undecided on this deal. Both bikes look/are equally clean. Opinions?

I just sold my 99 400 and replaced it with a 03 yz 450. I loved my 400, with proper care I believe they can run forever and had I not finally got an offer I may still be riding it now. I rode it primarily on single track and hill climbs and it was a great bike for what I needed. However, after riding the 03 I realized how dated the 400 felt. Heavy, not as powerful and of course the decomp lever kickstart tango you would always have to go through. I do miss the 5 speed gearbox though.

If it has been taken care of I don't think you can go wrong with the 400. Solid bike. IMO.

its sure is a good bike, but id look for somthing newer.

I would either keep the 500 or get an 06 or newer 450. Preferably an 08 or 09. I rode an old 400 and it was an absolute pig.

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