Help me decide! Can I make it street legal?

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to sell my 05 crf250r for weeks now to fund a bike for my fiance to ride on the street. I had an offer of $2100 but didnt take it. I was thinking of calling the guy back and axcepting his $2100 til an offer came through today. Someone wants to trade me an 03' yamaha wr450f. It is in excelent condition, and has 800 miles on it. Is it a fair deal??? Also I want to make the wr450f street legal. I saw kits for $160 on ebay, anyone used those kits before. I also want to put road tires on in place of the dirt tires. I need to know the biggest sized tires I can sqeeze onto the stock rims. Any help would be great.Thanks!

Street Legal in not a problem, never used a kit though. The rest someone else will have to answer.

I would trade, but that's me. If you search, you will find lots of people who have put supermoto wheels and street tire on WR's. The wheels are expensive. From what I have seen about the DS kits, the more you spend, the better stuff you get, and the easier it is to install. It depends on how good at wiring you are.

My concern is that your finacee will be able to hold onto the bike!

I have an '03 wr450 and just made it street legal. I live just outside Chicago. I think I used the kit you're talking about and it is sufficient to pass. It was easy to setup but nothing on th kit addresses the headlight Except for the switch that so and I bought an aftermarket HI/low beam headlight for the bike to ride on the street and on it I mounted the front turn signals. I do have a problem though, The bulb keeps burning out on the hi/low so I still have some work to do. As far as rims go I boought a seperate set of rims from a yz so I have the street tires seperate BUT I am going to get a Pirelli MT43 trials tire that is D.O.T. approved and just run that as a rear tire and still cool for dirt etc (just not deep mud)

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