Long distance rides on a wr426

Hi guys, Im just wondering i have baught a wr426 02 with bundles of mods and would like to know what top speed is at a safe rate for an hour riding etc at a time and also what chain setup i could do for these specific long rides out. all my mates have hornets, bandits bla bla bla and not for me. this is the bike ive always wanted and now i have it! :thumbsup: cheers in advance

Also from having a chain setup better for long distance what about the opposite.... ie.. for stunting but still being able to reach speeds of 60mph? thank you all for looking and replys.

cool bike,, love mine.

however, let me honest. hornets, bandits etc. if thee guys can ride, you stand no chance of keeping up!! much like, they couldn't keep with you around a mx track!

these are not street bikes, they have highly strung engines. prolonged street use kills them if i'm honest.

used mine for a massive trip in wales, gotta have done best part of 200 road miles, big roads, bout 55mph. 1/2 mile from home - bang - valve snapped.

speaking to some people in the know, they say dont use em on road, apart from short slow jouneys. one guy sold a new one, chap took it from shop, rode it @ 60 mph for ages on motorway going home, bike was dead when he got back.

now, i trailer mine to tracks or into wales for some laning. only use it on road for local (within 25mile) green lanes.

hope this helps, and i'm just going from my experience. bike never played up before, or since rebuilding it, touch wood.

only advantage is, you'll be able to stand it on the back wheel better than ya mates!

That has helped but now has worried me... I'm useing it in july for the ace cafe weekend... thats mine (cabridgeshire) to wembely in london...... so i just hope it holds.... i do have plenty of spares including a 450 cylinder and a 426 crank, not that i have done any research if the 450 cylinder bolts strait on.... cheers,

Nice to know there are a few guys in the uk with them =I have seen.... lets say 2 in the uk and that was at the bmf show near me.

Yep another uk426 here and yes agree, long road rides on these bikes will kill then, not to mention your arse.

Not designed for prolonged high speed distance riding.

I would advise you get something else for a long road ride, save the 426 for the trail.

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