Anyone know the free length of YZ/WR426F rear spring?

Just wondering if anyone knows the free length (un-installed) of a WR/YZ rear shock spring? I have been given a spring, supposedly a 5.4 off a 400/426, but don't want to pull anything apart until I am certain it is the right length. It is a couple of year old brand new take-off, and the exact model it came off is lost in the sands of time. I am praying it is a standard YZ426 5.4, but need the free length to be sure, thanks in advance, Chris.

According to my wr 426 (02) manual, free length is 260 mm for all springs, except for the 2 stiff springs, the 5.4 and the 5.6. These should be 265 mm. The std spring BTW is the 5.0. I would suggest the YZ one would be different in rate at least.

Thanks for your help. :) Just needed confirmation of length (265mm) before I pulled the stock spring off. Chris.

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