has anyone used a pirelli mt320, and if so, are they any good?

A friend of mine used one before nd was very happy with it. The only problem is that with the extra weight and horsepowre of 4-strokes, it chinked the treads off pretty quick.




what do you use for intermediate to soft terrain?

i ran one for 4 harescramble races on the back of my '98yz250 last year. it is still on the bike. looks in darn good shape too. works very well in sand/mud and the loose stuff.

If your in soft then use the 755 or 756 Dunlop rear the 755 works best in sand and the 756 works good in loose dirt!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

The 756 is very durable, the 755 chunks out a little more, but the tires are very similiar. I use a 755 frt and 756 rear. Works great in sand and very tough on hard pack.

I have found that the MT 32 and the front MT 44 has been the ultimate set-up for soft to intermediate. Decent wear and no chunking, and incredible hook-up! I run the MT 16( I put an 18" wheel on my YZ) for rocks and that tire works even with the tread 3/4 gone! I ran dunlops forever, but will never go back after running Pirelli's.

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